manicure nails cottage groveNails & Manicure Services are now available at Shampoo Dolls Too

the new addition to Shampoo Dolls Salon in Cottage Grove

From natural to acrylic, french manicure to wedding nails, our staff is ready to pamper you and keep your hands looking and feeling great.

Natural Manicures can be simple and elegant, especially when nails and cuticles are well maintained.  Nails don’t have to be long to be feminine and beautiful.  Add a little glitter or a pop of color and short cut can be fun and youthful!

The French Manicure, soft pink with white tips, is a classic that looks good on all lengths, natural or acrylic.  In fact, a French Manicure can create the illusion of length, especially if you have long nail beds.  This is a popular choice for both brides and professionals.

Nails & Manicure Ideas

  manicure nails cottage grove manicure nails cottage grovemanicure nails cottage grove

Acrylic Pricing

Full Set Acrylic $45
Full Set Pink and White $55
Fill $25