Candace’s Beauty Tips

by Candace Solesbee  Original Post Date: February 18, 2014

As a hairstylist, these are my favorite words of wisdom, “It doesn’t matter if you are using a professional product or not, you should never shampoo your hair everyday.”

Whenever I tell my clients this, they say, “… but my hair gets oily or flat”.  Well here’s a little secret. When you shampoo your hair everyday, it strips your scalp. Your oil glands are tricked into thinking that they are not producing enough oil so they produce more.

BEAUTY TIP: Dry Shampoos

dryshampooFor goddess hair I recommend switching to a dry shampoo for second day to soak up any excess oil and make hair feel freshly shampooed.

  1. TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret. Sold in salons or Ulta ($21.99)
  2. RENEE FURTERER. Sold in salons or amazon ($13)
  3. Victoria’s Secret Clean & Go. ($14)


If you want to improve the health and beauty of your skin, hair, and nails… start from the inside out.  You will see an improvement in your skin first, lessening breakouts and giving you more of a glow. With your hair, expect a change in your new growth. It will be healthier and stronger.

From a stylists perspective,  We love working on healthy hair.  When hair is healthy color/ highlights turn out more vibrant, shiny, and last longer.  Biotin is found in nuts, eggs, and leafy greens.

My Favorite Hair Vitamins

  1. Maxi-Hair by Country Life. Time Released and Gluten Free ($14.39)
  2. Ultra Hair Plus by nature’s Plus ($16.99)
  3. Ultra Nourish-Hair ($12.99)


I learned this little makeup artist trick years ago. Apply your first coat of mascara then while still wet, put a little baby powder on your finger. Dab the powder on the under-side of  your lashes and your lashes will turn white.  Then go back over your lashes with a second coat of mascara. I know, it sounds crazy, but it totally works! Trust me


Bags under your eyes can be caused by poor circulation and dehydration. With my job, I’m on a plane every other week. The low levels of oxygen wreak havoc on my skin, and I hate hopping off the plane with puffy eyes.  When that happens, my remedy is steeping caffeinated tea bags, letting them cool, and then applying them to each eye. After approximately ten to fifteen minutes, the caffeine reduces the swelling of tissue. Open your eyes feeling and looking refreshed.  I also carry Clinique’s All About Eyes De-Puffing Serum. Their serum has a rollerball application which makes it easy to apply. Its cool and refreshing feel makes it a nice way to massage away the bags.

Clinique All about eyes De-Puffing Serum. ($28)


When applying eye shadow, always start at outer corners working your way to the bridge of your nose. For most of us, this is the opposite of the way we were taught.  It takes some practice not to follow the natural downward lines of the eye.  When starting at the outer corners it tends to draw your eyes upward giving you a more youthful, cat eye look.


Okay, okay so we all want beautiful, thick, long lashes… Here’s the skinny on the best eyelash enhancers.

TOP THREE WINNERS according to Consumers Guide.

  1. CITY Lash citylash– This product came in first with the study group because of its effectiveness, and price point.  The women in the study said it worked so well that some actually stopped wearing mascara to show off their natural lashes. This product gets Consumer Guides 5 star Outstanding rating for Proven ingredients, Real clinical testing, Positive user reviews, Company reputation, Value, and never been tested on animals.
  2. Elastilash – by Obagi ranked a distance second. Mainly because it was so much more expensive. However, this product does deliver earning it the 4 star Great rating.
  3. Jan Marini – In third place is the lash enhancing product by Jan Marini. ConsumersGuide says this product ranked third in their study because it had a good price point and did give results. Although, this serum is not quite as effective as the other two.