The Glamanators

Let the Glamanators inspire you to live a truly GLAMOROUS life.

This blog was designed especially for you! We understand that many of us lead complex lives; taking on many roles. Sometimes, we forget to take down time to spoil ourselves.


Candace and Wendy met over 25 years ago and became the best of friends, bonding over beauty, fashion, fitness and all things glamorous!  Learn more about Candace & Wendy.

ˈglamərəs/ adjective
1. having glamour.
“She is one of the world’s most glamorous women.”
Synonyms: beautiful, attractive, lovely, bewitching, enchanting, beguiling; elegant, chic, stylish, fashionable;charming, charismatic, appealing, alluring, seductive;informal: classy, glam, styling, exciting, thrilling, stimulating; dazzling, glittering, glossy, colorful, exotic; informal, ritzy, glitzy, jet-setting “a glamorous lifestyle”

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