Hair Styles for Men

Thinking about changing up your look?  Guys are showing their style in 2015, many opting to grow in length for more hair style options.  There have never been so many style choice for men, from super short to long locks, with many variations in between.  But the one constant is well-groomed.  No matter what your style, keep your hair well maintained and you’ll rock any look.

Length on Top

For the rebel in you!  Hair stays long throughout the top, and can be styled towards the face or pushed back.  The look is casual, not at all fussy and is great for the guy who wants to look sophisticated without spending a lot of time.

thumbs_messey-fringe-mens-hairstyle thumbs_mens-floppy-hairstyle-blonde thumbs_long-unkept-mens-hairstyle

Long Hair

Not for everyone, but on the right guy with the right hair texture, this look is right off the runway.  The look may say relaxed and laid back, but it’s important to keep hair healthy with regular trims.  Keep the style looking manly by working in a little product and letting air dry.

thumbs_long-floppy-fringe-mens-ahirstyle thumbs_long-mens-hairstyle thumbs_mens-long-hairstyle

Sleek Hair and Facial Hair

Super short sides, slicked back on top and says Gentleman.  Facial hair length is a matter of preference, but it’s all about keeping it well groomed.  You could take any of these looks into the office.

thumbs_slicked-back-shaved-sides-beard-hairstyle thumbs_slicked-parting-hairstyle-mens thumbs_trendy-hair-style-men

At Shampoo Dolls, we are up on all the latest cuts for men.  Call us to book an appointment at our hair salon in Cottage Grove Oregon.  First time client?  Ask about a new client discount.