facials cottage grove shampoo dolls salonFacials & Skin Care Treatments are now at Shampoo Dolls Salon

we keep you looking and feeling great from head to toe

Our licensed estheticians will guide you to the right skin care treatment just for you.  We offer a variety of facials to meet the demands of your individual skin type and the changing seasons.

Is your skin acting dry, or is it just dehydrated?  Does your skin look oily despite your efforts to wash your face three times a day?  Bring your puzzling skin questions to your esthetician at Shampoo Dolls.

Under close analysis, you’ll discover your true skin type and how to care for it.  She’ll also help clear up common misconceptions about cleansing and help you determine if you’re using the right products at home to bring out the best in your skin!

More than just facials, our estheticians can give you skincare insight.  Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we end up complicating a skin issue because we don’t understand what it needs.

Help your skin get back in balance with one of our facials at Shampoo Dolls Salon.