Fall Blondes: Balayage, Sombre and Babylights

Fall Blondes: Balayage, Sombre and Babylights, Shampoo Dolls Hair Salon, Oregon

Fall is right around the corner! As our tan complexions fade, we’ll have to adjust our hair color.  It’s time to tone down the all-over highlights a bit, and perhaps add some low lights to greet the new season.

At Shampoo Dolls Hair Salon in Cottage Grove, Oregon we offer hair coloring services like Sombre, Balayage and Babylights to give your hair that transition for fall and the winter months.  Besides being on trend, the look can be stunning the way it complements your complexion and emphasizes your eyes!

Get Your Balayage for Fall

Balayage has been very popular in Cottage Grove and this season is no exception.  Balayage and ombre looks works well on hair with some length, so that shades can transition for darker at the roots to lighter on the ends.  This is a perfect fall look for blondes and will look great with warm tones of caramel and honey blonde.

Sombre is the Subtle Ombre

ombreBrunette beauties can add some highlights in warm tones.  The sombre look is all about a softer version of ombre, the appearance of dark roots is less harsh than before and color is more seamlessly melted together.  Your stylist can recommend which tones will add dimension and texture to your hair, the perfect look for fall.

Our clients love the look of balayage and sombre trend because they are very easy to maintain.  Re-growth adds to the beauty of the look, but it’s important to still have regular touch ups to keep the look flattering.

If you want a look that’s super subtle, ask your stylist about babylights, which weaves in your highlights or lowlights in tiny little slices of hair.  This technique will duplicate the natural hair color variations of childhood.

Whether you have blonde hair, red, or brown hair, there are sultry and warm hair colors for every shade this fall and winter.  For more on hair color services in Oregon take a look at our hair color here.

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