Summer Balayage Looks

We are obsessed with summer’s beachy balayage.

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Blending in blonde tones with the balayage technique wakes up any hairstyle.  Too casual?  Not a chance!  Smudge on a little black eyeliner, and you have that born-with-it look that will take you from daytime fun to evening glam.

We are your Summer Balayage Specialists.

Balayage is more than just painting lightener onto random sections of hair!  Leave it to the hair color experts.  Let us create the perfect balayage for you.  Put our expertise to work, explaining the best technique to use for your hairstyle and natural color.   We know where to place your balayage highlights, and how much to do, in order to enhance your features and complement your skin tone.

Give Shampoo Dolls Salon a call to book an appointment. (541) 942-9395.

Color Correction can fix a bad balayage

We excel in hair color correction, and could share stories of overdone balayage that we’ve witnessed.  Fixing a bad balayage takes patience and skill, but it absolutely can be done.  If you are struggling with a balayage that did not blend well, too many highlights too close to the roots, or bands of brassy tones, schedule a consultation with The Shampoo Dolls Salon.  Using our hair color correction techniques, we can adjust your balayage, and bring it back in line with the universally flattering technique this is intended to be.