Spring Hair Styles and Trends

Spring hair styles are undone!

Having the effortless look of an Undone Updo is hot this season. Casual beauty is mainstream and getting the look is easy because it doesn’t have to perfect. For a relaxed updo, secure hair into a ponytail. Wrap into a bun, and use a few bobby pins to secure small sections of hair in place. Pair this look with your freshly colored strawberry-blond locks and you are ready to rock the latest and greatest.

The Lob (or Long-Bob) is one of the hottest spring hair styles!

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Medium length hair and the long bob are back and cooler than ever. Trends are embracing the natural state of your locks by air dying and letting your hair do as it pleases. Your hair will get a break from heat styling, and you’ll save time in the morning. Running a brush through your hair and perhaps a leave-in conditioner or mousse is all that is needed to stay right on trend with the spring hair styles.

TangerineThe Pixie is the most daring of the spring hair styles!

Boyish, yet so feminine. Cute, but oh so sexy! Are you bold enough for a Pixie? Gaining momentum in 2015, the pixie is becoming the statement of many celebs…and everyday women. If you’re ready to go short, ask your stylist if you’ve got the right hair texture and face shape to pull off your own version of the Pixie.

Spring hair styles are going blonder!

We’re not talking just blond highlights, or even chunky blond highlights. When it comes to spring hair styles, women are going for it. Brunettes are converting to blond and strawberry blond…even from their natural medium brown and dark brown shades.

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The Low Ponytail

Going sleek with a low pony tail is by far the easiest of the spring hair styles, and the perfect night out look. By gathering every strand of hair and slicking it back you can achieve this look easily. Take a small section of hair, wrap around the elastic, and secure with a bobby pin for polished look. hair-7 Are you ready for a new cut and style?  Maybe a new hair color or some highlights? Let Shampoo Dolls Salon in Cottage Grove help you decide which of these spring hair styles is best for you.

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